Top Five Tips for Staff Retention 

How do you ensure you are making the right hires to deliver high retention rates with your business? A recent review showed that out of 39 placements through Tonic over the past two years, 95% had been retained and are still working for our clients. We wanted to share what businesses should be considered during the recruitment process to help guarantee their next hires last.



1. Prioritize culture fit

Focusing on cultural fit will ensure that you find employees that are invested in your way of life. This starts with understanding your company culture. As a business, you need to confidently discuss your values and culture throughout the process and ensure that they are visible throughout your media. Structuring the interview process to concentrate on discussing values and culture through asking questions that relate directly to your organization’s values are a surefire way to identify professionals that will grow with your company.



2. Be flexible

This may seem counterproductive, but as a business, if you are fixed on bringing in staff from your competitors, you will notice it becomes somewhat of an industry merry-go-around. The best talent in your niche is continuously being approached for jobs. Looking for caple professionals in other relatable sectors can often result in excellent highly motivated individuals that bring new ideas to the table. As long as you bring in high performers from relatable industries, you will often find your new hire is highly motivated by the challenge that typically results in an outstanding performance and a satisfied employee.



3. Candidate aspiration

Do the candidate’s aspirations a line with yours? Are they willing to do their set job role as well as metaphorically occasionally putting the trash out? These are all great questions to be thinking about throughout the hiring process. Effective questioning around the aspirations of candidates must be included in your screening process.



4. Have clear expectations

There are many reasons people search for a career move, but right at the top of the list is when a professional doesn’t feel that they have set expectations. Covering two or three different job roles is excellent for the company if your employee is cable, but it often leads to dissatisfaction. It is essential to be honest with prospective hires about what you expect of them. Having clear defined roles with success metrics at the hiring stage will result in engagements joining you for the long haul.



5. Trust your gut

At any one stage throughout the process if you have doubts about a potential new hire, walk away. It may hurt, as, on paper, the candidate might be perfect for the job, but if you have any niggling doubts it is best to refocus your search.



How Tonic can help?

The Tonic team are experts in mitigating the pitfalls of a bad hire. Understanding our client’s culture is one of the essential parts of the Tonic process. We realize that developing deep understanding at the start of a new relationship; learning every aspect of our new potential partner is the only way to guarantee success. We pride ourselves on our transparent and ethical approach to recruitment. We consistently review all of the above topics, reconfirming the candidate’s aspirations, values, and skills. This sees us often not shy away from highlighting the potential issues with candidates. Your business and ours will only succeed with success stories, and that sees us advise our clients not only when to make a hire but also when not to.