Tonic connects innovative talent with disruptive businesses shaping a carbon-free future

We strive to partner with companies at the forefront of the low carbon transition presenting some of the most exciting opportunities to our global network.

Within emerging markets where experience is scarce, we strategically build relationships with leading professionals before the point they are actively looking. We use our deep understanding of our clients and the sector to create a unique proposition to attract high-quality candidates for a given assignment.

We always place emphasis on finding a lasting fit between cultural and behavioral aspects along with aligning individual motivations with company ambitions.

Our Industries



Sales and marketing


a candidate being interviewed for a job

Our Story

Our Directors, Lewis Lawes and Will Davis started their careers with two of the most internationally respected energy consultancies. During their time there they partnered with pioneering companies across the sector and received industry-leading training.

They have both brought that expertise to Tonic with the added benefit of being a highly flexible SME. This allows Tonic to adapt to the fast-moving low-carbon industry and to measure our success on excellent customer service. Because of this Tonic builds lasting relationships rather than focusing on short-term financial KPIs.

Our consultants are people driven not sales-driven and have a genuine passion for creating opportunities for the professionals we work with, helping people take the next steps in their careers at some of the world’s most disruptive businesses.

Tonic is not your average talent business; we place high importance on an honest approach to the industry and work in partnership with everyone we work with. We facilitate growth plans to help take businesses to the next level.


Lewis Lawes

Founder, Director

"Since our formation, we have worked hard to become the go-to modern talent partner. We have done this by working closely with our clients in an advisory nature. Ultimately the Tonic team are here to produce a consistently high service through a consultative and supportive approach to growing your business. Given a chance, we won't let you down."

Our Leaders

Lewis Lawes

Founder, Director

Will Davis


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Our Promise

This gift of life will plant 144 trees and offset an average carbon footprint for 12 months.

We are dedicated to helping reduce the impact of climate change on our world. That’s why, for every candidate we place, we offset their carbon footprint for a year. How do we do this? We work in partnership with Ecologi, a fantastic organization set up to help anyone take action on climate change. Once a candidate is placed we will do the following;

  • Plant 144 trees
  • Support the highest verified climate solutions like protecting the Amazon Rainforest. All projects are aligned with the United Nations SDGs
  • Plant trees in Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nicaragua