Sourcing an exceptional BIM Manager for Modulous

Client: Modulous

About: Modulous is a technically and data-driven modular construction business utilizing AI to design & deliver quality, affordable and sustainable homes.

Role: BIM Manager

Sector: Sustainable construction

The brief

We started working with Modulous when contacted by their Technical Director. Our instruction was to find an experienced BIM Manager that would spearhead the architecture division.

The business had exhausted its traditional methods to resource this vacancy and was interested in utilizing Tonic’s in-depth understanding of the modular industry.

The BIM Manager would come into the business to set up BIM for the company from a blank canvas but would also be expected to work closely with the development team. This vacancy had precise requirements of a professional with expertise in two disciplines. Due to the niche skill requirements, we knew that this would be tough but accepted the challenge.

We worked on an exclusive basis with Modulous. This helped us understand the company’s several unique aspects, which have a very different model compared to other modular organizations. We developed a clear and precise vision for the role on offer that we started to deliver to the market after extensive research into the potential talent available.

Modulous is a remote working business that has an office in central London. The Technical Director is based in Bath. Our strategy was to research the London and Bath markets extensively and identify and target the top 60 profiles initially across both locations.

The challenges

Key challenges were around the niche nature and rare combination of the skill sets. We were essentially looking for two very different groups of skills.

A track history in architecture working as a BIM Manager was a must, but this professional would also be expected to understand complex IT development.

We knew that not every BIM manager would possess coding and extensive software experience.

The solution

To overcome this challenge, we approached architecture professionals with an overriding bias towards the technical aspects of the job. We identified candidates with a prior interest or career in IT development and technology. This also involved us targeting competitor organizations and systematically working through them to identify the most relevant targets.

The Tonic team conducted an in-depth interview process and produced a shortlist of seven candidates that resulted in five candidates that were invited for an interview.

The result

The process uncovered a candidate that exceeded expectations. After conducting references, it was clear that we had identified an extraordinary individual. They had been working for a sizeable Multinational focusing on disruptive technologies within construction.

The candidate has also been partnering with one of our client’s competitors in the US. They had the perfect cross between architecture and software. After the lengthy 14-week process, Tonic managed the candidates’ resignation and organized the start date successfully. The chosen professional now leads the team. Tonic has continued partnering with Modulous to grow their organization.

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