Managing the recruitment process of multiple positions across different specialties

Client: LG

About: LG is a global leader in delivering advanced lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles, Mobility & IT applications, and Energy Storage Systems. It has participated in some of the world’s biggest battery storage projects, including the Moss Landing 400MW / 1,600MWh battery energy storage system in California.

Roles: Recruited multiple roles in sales, engineering and support

Sector: Energy storage

The brief

LG has led the way for over 30 years in research, development, and manufacture of solar products under the business activities of LG Chem. The task was to replicate this success in their recently formed energy storage division.

LG Energy Solution was in its infancy as a division when Tonic came on board. The LG team had been recruiting for several positions utilizing several recruitment agencies, but existing suppliers were not sustaining the speed of delivery and lacked suitable profiles.

We were set the challenge to ensure that the process of recruiting multiple positions across different specialties was managed effectively while allowing the LG management to continue their duties without the distraction of a significant recruitment drive.

The challenges

They were struggling to find people for the sales, engineering, and support roles with energy storage experience.

They couldn’t identify the right attitude that would fit into a start-up division of a global organization of 27,000 staff.

They had specific roles that required foreign language skills which was also challenging to find.

The solution

We operate as a modern talent service provider. So when we spoke to LG about our talent as a service model, this way of working was not known to them. It is our solution for companies engaged in significant growth hiring programs. As the name suggests, TaaS takes responsibility for the provision of a talent-on-demand service, delivering against a pre-agreed plan, behaving as an in-house talent acquisition unit. We used this service to create a bespoke solution that supported LG’s very talented in-house recruitment team.

LG required all new staff to be successfully integrated with minimum disruption. The project deadlines were tight, and new staff needed to be operational in their roles almost immediately. Tonic demonstrated to the LG management that on top of utilizing our extensive network of energy storage sales and engineering professionals, the best way of achieving their brief would be to develop bespoke talent-pooling campaigns. We spent time understanding the individual needs of each vertical with the company to give us a clear idea of what LG’s perfect employee was.

We then created a wholly unique solution. That included brand review and refresh, so we could present LG as the employer of choice in the energy storage market. Next was the process of unleashing the might of Tonic’s best, most-efficient automation and most up-to-date AI tools to uncover everyone we wanted to engage with.

We placed best-in-class personnel in all the areas we were asked to deliver on within the first few weeks of instruction. Having laid the foundations of our TaaS service from the start, we were able to deliver at a breakneck pace and accuracy within 13 weeks of our relationship. The virtual bench we created, constantly adding and refreshing for LG enables their energy storage team to instantly access sales, engineering, and support staff.

"Tonic not only recommended highly qualifying candidates for our open positions but soon became a successful business partner/strategist in achieving greater business objectives."

Han Park
Senior. HR Generalist, LG Energy Solution

The result

For the past 12 months, Tonic has worked alongside the division directors and internal recruitment team at LG to grow the energy storage division from 14 to 45 heads.

When we first started talking to LG their initial interest in Tonic was based on our experience working in solar and, more significantly, battery knowledge. They have since acknowledged our forward-thinking and future-proofing talent attraction methods have delivered unparalleled reliability when providing on any of their hard-to-source vacancies.

We are incredibly proud to have placed a large proportion of LG’s ESS staff who are now contributing to the success of their newest divisions, research & development, sales, and operations.

"I've been working with Tonic for over a year and am proud of the success we've shared!"

Han Park
Senior. HR Generalist, LG Energy Solution

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