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Why Partner With Us

At Tonic, we partner with our clients to become your brand ambassadors in the job market. We will discuss your company’s objectives and culture before anything else as we know this is imperative in securing the perfect talent.

We ensure that our clients don’t feel treated as a number which has allowed us to become trusted partners knowing not only how to gain the best talent but also to showcase organisations to the market with a consistent message.

Our clients range from start-ups to multinational corporations. No two businesses are the same, but we treat everyone we work with as equals. Finding the best possible candidates for our clients is what we do, but the relationships we have go far deeper. We aim to be the eyes and ears for clients, we can offer in-depth market insights, that include competitor analysis, branding feedback and remuneration benchmarking. Working so closely with our clients allows us to obtain the best talent, protect your brand, boost your retention rate and ensure that you are ahead of your competitors.

a candidate being interviewed for a job

Specialisms We Cover

Sustainable Construction

The global population is forecast to grow to 9.8 billion. Simply put, a larger community requires more homes, schools and infrastructure. There is now a global commitment to lower construction carbon emissions. Offsite construction will be a key player in driving emissions down, delivering a more sustainable future for construction.


Energy Storage

Energy storage is transforming the electricity sector through increased flexibility and security. In a world of ever-increasing renewable energy, storage fills the gaps when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing and provides rapid response to unexpected increases in demand. Declining costs, improved performance, market reforms, and increasing renewables are all contributing to the rapid growth of the industry worldwide.


Wholesale Power Markets

As electricity cannot easily be stored in large amounts, supply and demand must be balanced at all times. This is done by trading electricity between generators and resellers. It is not just the trading teams that are involved in the wholesale power markets however, there are a wide range of professionals that participate in or contribute to the market.


Smart Grid

Technology is having a huge impact on our electrical grids with solutions such as demand response and virtual power plants allowing us to manage our energy more efficiently. Within the smart grid space, Tonic works with leading innovators within the energy sector as well as connected areas such as housing and future mobility.


Attract The Best Talent

We give organisations access to the best talent across the built environment sectors such as high tech manufacturing, modular housing and digital construction via our permanent and contract services.

Understand The Market

We like to meet all our candidates, whether face-to-face or by video, as we believe it is important to find out exactly what they are looking for.

Save You Time & Money

We are trained head-hunters with a multi-channel candidate sourcing strategy, accessing the whole market including exclusive talent, not just the most visible.

Fill Roles In Less Time

Our screening and selection process is designed to save time, reduce risk and hire the best possible candidates.

Communication Link

We have a partnership approach for fast and effective service in addition to regular face to face performance reviews and recruitment analytics.

Salary Negotiation

We provide a full understanding of a candidate’s current salary and package as well as their expectations from the start ensuring you are not wasting your time with an interview process. We present offers to candidates explaining all benefits including non-monetary ones.


“Tonic has provided far better design talent than any other agency for difficult to fill assignments. They have a deep understanding of the modular market and have gotten to know our business by building strong relationships with both hiring managers and the internal resourcing team. They think outside of the box which is important in our unique modular environment. Will and Lewis have displayed consistent hard work and it is clear that they are passionate about and enjoy representing our brand”

Leading Modular Company

“The Principal Consultant role was a challenging role to fill, and Will used his existing knowledge of the power markets and relationships in this area as well as a series of discussions with us to really home in on what type of candidate we would need and where we would find them. Will also showed a knack for translating requirements into a 'pitch' to the candidates, effectively selling them on the role without setting incorrect or unrealistic expectations.”