Solutions to suit every situation

From start-up to global enterprise, we deliver technical, software and sales staff to enable consistent growth for the business we partner with.



For urgent response teams, choose Fire

Are permanent talent shortages causing your projects to fall behind? Use our urgent response team package for project delivery on demand.

Tonic has developed an industry-leading solution, providing our clients with world-class flexible resources, so they can continue to meet project demands. We can parachute in highly skilled contract resources, and if you feel like you can’t lose them, there is an option to hire permanently at the end of the contract!



For permanent bundle packages, choose Earth

Have you got 4 or more permanent hires required? Use our permanent bundle package to scale your teams with increased protection and reduced cost.

Perfect for when you need to scale, or have regular periods of multiple hires. Our bundle package allows you to reduce permanent recruitment spending, increase protection on investment and spread payments evenly with 12-month installments.



For virtual talent solutions, choose Wind

Rapid deployment of virtual offshore teams to accelerate project delivery.

Our virtual service offers scaled consultancy services with a rapid turnaround. With an onsite Account Manager and video screening platform to evaluate resources, our clients can utilise the best offshore teams to deliver projects to the highest standards, and for a cost that fits every budget.



For fully sourced project teams against Statements of Works (SoW), choose Water

More and more of our clients are looking to outsource technology programmes rather than add extra permanent headcount.

Using an SoW for your flexible workforce (rather than a traditional consultancy model) will save a fortune, whilst giving providing the accountability and peace of mind that your project will be delivered.